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Texas Blockchain Council establishes its headquarters in the Richardson Innovation Quarter

New addition to The IQ® fosters Richardson’s continued momentum as a collaborative technology hub

RICHARDSON, Texas – Aug. 3, 2021 – Joining the growing list of companies focused on driving innovation in North Texas, the Texas Blockchain Council has established its headquarters in the Richardson Innovation Quarter – also known as the Richardson IQ® or The IQ®. The organization’s new offices will be located at The Drawing Board, a state-of-the-art co-working facility at 1900 Jay Ell Drive. The Drawing Board reflects the collaborative nature of The IQ®, offering the Texas Blockchain Council the opportunity to network and build relationships with other technology-focused companies, institutions and industry leaders. “We are excited to welcome the Texas Blockchain Council to Richardson and look forward to the continued contributions that this rapidly growing and evolving industry group will add to The IQ’s momentum as a home for commercially impactful technology,” said Richardson Mayor Paul Voelker. “By establishing its headquarters in The IQ®, the Texas Blockchain Council will further boost the credentials and capabilities of our dynamic innovation ecosystem.”

A nonprofit industry association representing the Texas business community, the Texas Blockchain Council has a mission to promote blockchain technology initiatives that drive growth and benefit the citizens of Texas. Member companies, many of whom are also located in the Richardson IQ, comprise a variety of industries connected to blockchain technology. Working together with its members, the Texas Blockchain Council advocates for blockchain-centric policies that will facilitate Texas as the leading location for blockchain innovation. In addition, members of the Council also act as subject-matter experts on topics related to blockchain and virtual currency.

“With our focus on making Texas a leader in blockchain innovation, it was a natural fit for us to select the Drawing Board located in the Richardson Innovation Quarter for our first office,” said Texas Blockchain Council President Lee Bratcher. “Several of our member companies are headquartered in the area, and The IQ® is located in Senate District 8, also home to one of our blockchain industry legislative champions, Senator Angela Paxton. We are excited to participate in the growth of The IQ® as it continues to attract tech talent to the region.”

About the Richardson Innovation Quarter

The Richardson Innovation Quarter, also known simply as Richardson IQ® or The IQ®, is a 1,200-acre urban hub in Richardson, Texas, with a rich heritage of innovation and entrepreneurship. As Texas’ premier tech hub, The IQ is the City of Richardson’s living laboratory for big ideas and groundbreaking technology. The IQ today is home to technology-related start-ups, corporate research and development, manufacturers, educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, restaurants, entrepreneurs, designers, researchers, inventors, educators and students.

With over 19,000 workers and more than 1,000 businesses, The IQ spurs the creativity and collaboration that drives innovation and growth. For more information, visit

About the Richardson Economic Development Partnership

The Richardson Economic Development Partnership (REDP), a joint effort of the City of Richardson and the Richardson Chamber of Commerce, is dedicated to building a vibrant and thriving local economy by attracting new investment and jobs through marketing, recruitment and working with existing employers. The REDP offers numerous services to companies considering expansion or relocation to the Telecom Corridor® area, including international and domestic business relocation assistance and professional service provider referrals, site selection, broker and real estate referrals, cost of business analyses, incentives, partner and executive introductions, tours and city information. For more information, visit

Source: Richardson Economic Development Partnership

TDB News – September 2021

Member Spotlight

Texas Blockchain Council

Please tell us about yourself:
Lee Bratcher: I was born in Austin and moved to Dallas about 15 years ago. Except for a stint in the Army, I have lived in Texas all of my life. My wife and I have two kids and we live in Richardson!

A brief overview of your line of work:
I founded the Texas Blockchain Council about two years ago. We are making Texas a leader in blockchain innovation through public policy research, educating legislators, conducting business development for our member companies, and attracting VC funds and entrepreneurs to Texas.

Why The Drawing Board?
We selected the Drawing Board because of the hospitable environment, the incredible aesthetics of the space, and the fact that it is located in the Richardson Innovation Quarter.  

A quote that you like or live by:
“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” – MLK

To learn more, please visit:

Lee Bratcher
Texas Blockchain Council
1900 Jay Ell Drive
Richardson, TX 75081
Email: [email protected]

Virtual/In-Person Meetups

9/1/21- Women in Leadership: How to strategize and plan for the future
Wednesday, September 1st @ 11:30- 1:00pm

9/1/21- Business Network
* Wednesday, September 1st @ 7:15- 8:30am 

9/9/21- Hacking Autism Hack-a-thon
Thursday, September 9:00 am- 4:00 pm

The Drawing Board
9/2/21- Richardson Evening Toastmasters
*Tuesday @ 6:45 pm

9/7/21 BNI Rich Referrals
*Tuesday @ 8:15 am-9:45 am

9/23/21- The IQ Brew: Dr. David Lary, The Unversity of Texas at Dallas
Thursday, September 23 @ 8:30 am- 10:00 am

9/29/21 Network75 Connections Event
Wednesday, September 29th @ 5:00 pm

9/14/21- Data Privacy: It Matters with Cat Allen
Tuesday, September 14th @ 6:30 pm

9/1/21- Richardson/Plano Networkers
*Wednesday, September 1st @ 11:30 am- 1:00pm

9/1/21– WAM (Women’s Alliance of McKinney)
*Wednesday, September 1st @ 9:15 am-10:15 am

9/8/21– LINKS Networking Meeting
*Wednesday, September 8th @ 7:15 am- 9:00 am

9/17/21- 5-Star Corporate Challenge
Friday, September 17th @ 8:00am

* Meets weekly

Happy Hour at TDB is BACK! 
Members! Come join us at 2pm every FRIDAY for a drink! 

Bring a Friend Happy Hour
3rd Friday of every month

Thank you to Texas Blockchain Council for sponsoring our happy hour!

New Members
Maverick Peterson
Tien Huynh

Upgraded Members
MaryGrace Anasco
Benjamin Gerald
Eric Reed

Company Spotlight Ad Space
If you would like to spotlight your company, please email us at [email protected] for more information!

Renovations at TDB Underway!
Please forgive the noise and disarray (outside) as we continue our renovations. Next up will be:

Back Patio Build Out
Stay tuned for pictures

Septembers Birthdays

Jodi Cagle- 9/4
Jay Jayswal- 9/11
Lynn Pham- 9/18
Melissa Vasquez- 9/24
Mandy Quach- 9/27
Maverick Peterson- 9/29

Happy Birthday, Members!!

Any questions, comments, or inquiries please email us at [email protected]

~ TDB Staff

TDB News – July 2021

Member Spotlight

Alyssa Phu

Please tell us about yourself:
I am originally from California and have lived in Texas for 15 years. Wow, time flies. I have been in the insurance business for 16 years. I have always loved working with people. I listen and help them solve problems. I help my clients put together different plans in place to reach their financial, and personal goals. Sometimes it can take one bad event to cause a catastrophe and I want to protect them during these unforeseen life events. My goals are to educate as many people as I can, help clients understand their options to achieve their goals, which is what makes my job so rewarding. Every client is unique, so together we can develop a personalized approach that meets today’s needs and tomorrow’s as well. The best part of my job is being included in my client’s growth and family expansion.

A brief overview of your line of work:
My services include Retirement Planning, Protection Planning, Financial reviews, Long term care, and much more. I work closely with my clients building out a customized plan to fit their budget for today and help them grow for tomorrow.

Why The Drawing Board?
I have been with The Drawing Board since they opened. I continue to stay at The Drawing Board because it feels very homey. The ambiance here is colorful, artistic, positive energy flowing through the building, smiling faces greeting you as you enter. The Staff is always engaging with the members here and coming up with ways to promote networking for the Businesses.

A quote that you like or live by:
“Life is too short to be working for someone else’s dream.”

For the month of July, I am doing a drawing to win an Amethyst Crystal. Schedule an appointment with me so we can talk. I will enroll you in the drawing which will be announced at the end of the month.

Alyssa Phu
New York Life Insurance Company
1900 Jay Ell Drive
Richardson, TX 75081
[email protected]

Guest Spotlight

Is Your Mobile App Ready for 5G?

5G connections globally are forecast to reach 1.8 billion by 2025, according to a new study by the GSMA. As 5G begins to expand to more devices, beyond smartphones, new opportunities will emerge for commercialization.

innovate5G developed a platform – in5Genius – for application developers to test their 5G applications in a cost-effective, secure and pressure-free environment, and at their own pace. Whether it’s an idea for a gaming, industrial, or enterprise application, innovate5G is eliminating barriers for developers to test out their ideas- such as having to partner with a carrier or large OEM. innovate5G was founded by Chris Stark and Rashmi Varma to open up the 5G ecosystem beyond traditional players and enable everyone to participate.

1201 International Parkway
Ste 123
Richardson, TX 75081

Virtual/In-Person Meetups

7/8/21- The IQ Brew: Chris Simonds, Orchatect
Thursday, July 8 @ 9-10:00 am

The Drawing Board

7/6/21- BNI Rich Referrals
Every Tuesday, July 6 @ 8:15-9:45 am

7/22/21- The IQ Brew: Merrick Porcheddu, CEO of Artist Uprising
Every Thursday, July 22 @ 9:00-10:00 am

7/28/21- Network75 Social Hour
(last) Wednesday, July 28 at 5pm

7/29/21- innovate5G Meet & Greet
Thursday, July 29 @ 5:30-7:30 pm

7/2/21- Allen Business Networking
Friday, July 2 @ 9:45- 11:00 am

7/6/21 – VIBE
Tuesday, July 6th @ 7:30- 9:00 am

7/7/21- LINKS Networking Meeting
Every Wednesday, July 7 @ 7:15- 9:00 am

7/7/21- WAM (Women’s Alliance of McKinney)
Wednesday, July 7 @ 9:15-10:15 am

7/7/21 – Social in the Park
Wednesday, July 7 @ 5:30-7:30 pm

Welcome New Members

Lee Bratcher
Jay Jaswall
John K. Soo Hoo
Sanjiv Singh

Returning Members:
Don Miller

July Birthdays

7/6- Nicolas Gaviria
7/13- Leithia Warren
7/16- Richard Hofston
7/19- Greg Prior
7/26- Austin Greenfield
7/31- Kristian Willis

Happy Birthday, Members!!

Any questions, comments, or inquiries please email us at [email protected]

~ TDB Staff

TDB News – May/June 2021

Member Spotlight

Bob Jablonsky

Please tell us about yourself:
I’m Bob Jablonsky. Originally from PA and lived in Florida before moving to Dallas 10 years ago. I’m married to Jessie and we have two children – Alvaro 23 and Alex 17. We also have two dogs Sassie the Pit Bull and a German Shepherd puppy. My background is CFO of several businesses that were part of the INC 500 fastest-growing list. In that role, I found myself focused on problem-solving more than simple accounting work. I wanted to use my skills to help small business owners solve their financial and tax problems.

A brief overview of your line of work:
My business focuses on helping taxpayers navigate their tax responsibilities by helping them file timely and accurately (staying out of trouble), minimizing their tax liability, and helping taxpayers get out of and stay out of tax trouble, whether it’s due to an audit, tax amounts owed to the government, or simply responding to a notice. While we help all taxpayers, our specialties are small business owners and Real Estate Agents.

Why The Drawing Board?
The Drawing Board gives me all of the amenities of my own office without the overhead. The staff is friendly and easy to work with.

A quote that you like or live by:
We all face constant challenges in life and it’s how we respond to these challenges that defines our character and often our success in life.

Free consultation

Bob Jablonsky EA
1900 Jay Ell Drive
Richardson, TX 75081
(972) 821-1991
[email protected]

Please click link below to make an appointment!


5/13/21- The IQ Brew: Dr. Arun Gupta, Skyven Technologies
Thursday, May 13 @ 9-10 am

5/27/21- The IQ Brew: US Patent & Trademark Office- Copyright Basics
Thursday, May 27 @ 9-10 am

5/27/21- Women in Leadership, Networking & Yoga at The IQ
Thursday, May 27 @ 5-6:30 pm

5/27/21- Richardson Young Professionals Happy Hour
Thursday, May 27 @ 5:30- 7:00 pm

Network75 – TDB will be launching its very own networking group to bring together professionals and businesses along the US 75 corridor. Details to follow

5/25/21- Vibe Via Zoom (VIBE Hybrid)
Tuesday, May 25 @ 7:30 – 9:00 am

5/25/21- Spring Fling Business Expo & Happy Hour
Tuesday, May 25 @ 4- 7:00 pm

5/19/21- Virtual Links Networking Meeting
Wednesday, May 19 @ 7:15 -9:00 am

5/21/21- Leadership Alumni Network Book Club
Friday, May 21 @ 4- 5:00 pm

5/20/21 Chamber Works Hybrid Networking Event
Thursday, May 20 @ 7:45 – 9:00 am

5/26/21- Frisco Young Professionals Happy Hour
Wednesday, May 26 @ 5:15 – 7:30 pm

Moderna Covid-19 Vaccine
Westmoreland Pharmacy will be offering the Moderna vaccine for anyone 18 years or older at The Drawing Board on Thursday, May 13- Saturday, May 15th from 11 am- 6 pm. Please bring a state or government ID along with a prescription insurance card to receive a CDC vaccine card. For more information, email [email protected] or call 972-787-0158

Food Pop-Up Collaborative
The Drawing Board
Sunday, May 30th @ 3 pm- 6 pm

Join us on Sunday, May 30th between 3pm-6pm for the ultimate pop-up mash-up we’re calling the Memorial Day Bash. Whether you’re looking to pick up a whole spread for Memorial Day Weekend or just want to enjoy some of DFW’s popular pop-up vendors, stop by because we have a little something for everyone. Miss Dallas 2020, Averie Danielle Bishop, will hold a performance that day as well!

Vendors will have items available for purchase that day but we strongly encourage pre-ordering to guarantee you get a little of everything. Pre-order forms will be available on 05/16 at so set a reminder. Until then, check out all our vendors and organizations!

Veterans Center of North Texas – VCONT
Averie Danielle Bishop
Ay Caramba
Very Van Macarons
Boba Latte
Maynard Dela Pena
B. doughnut – Texas
Rolls on tha go
Crack Brisket
Tina Trang Nguyen
Speckle box
Wow Wow Lemonade Lakewood

Masks will be mandatory for this event. Limited outdoor and indoor seating will be available.


Chanell Clark- Bibbs
Jon Harris
Jenny Parker

May & June Birthdays

5/20- Christian Holden
5/28- Lori Zachary
6/14- Alex Goggin
6/17- Jiselle Bobadilla
6/18- Victoria Gibson
6/19- John Day
6/20- Whitney Spies
6/29- Jessie Green

Happy Birthday, Members!!

Any questions, comments or inquiries please email us at [email protected]

~ TDB Staff

TDB News – Mar/Apr 2021

Member Spotlight

Trenton T. Roberts

Please tell us about yourself:
My name is Trent Roberts, and I am one of the Managing Partners at Roberts & Willie, PLLC. I grew up in Garland and Rowlett, attended Garland High School (Gig ’em Owls!), and you can usually find me on the courts coaching my kids’ (I have 7!) basketball teams or Jiu-Jitsu tournaments. I left a Wall Street Law firm, Latham & Watkins, years ago and eventually founded Roberts & Willie, PLLC, in 2015. We’ve had a blast!

A brief overview of your line of work:
Roberts & Willie, PLLC is a corporate law firm focusing primarily on negotiating contracts, such as Non-Disclosure Agreements, M&A transactions, and loan transactions, primarily on behalf of lenders and private equity clients. We also form companies and negotiate with private investors. We currently have 9 attorneys, some of which work in Houston and some are now, here in Richardson.

Why The Drawing Board?
The Drawing Board seemed to us (and confirmed now for a few months) to represent a great balance of factors. While we still have a large traditional office in Houston, I found that we spent an inordinate amount of time on logistics relating to coffee, water, bathrooms etc. in our Dallas office. When I ran across this place and actually looked inside, I felt like it got us all of the credibility we needed from a traditional office, while enhancing our efficiency significantly by allowing us to focus on actual legal work instead of office-upkeep. We’ve loved it so far and are excited about continuing to grow in this new place.

A quote that you like or live by:
My dad always said (and I now say it to my own kids and sports team), “What’s the key to success? MOTIVATION!”

Partner at Roberts & Willie, PLLC
phone 832.328.7345
e-mail [email protected]



Jake Dexter – The Dex Network

Leithia Warren – StoneEagle F& I

Titi Phommachanh – Dal Dough, LLC

Lakeesha Browne – L.V. Browne CPA

Thuy Dung Nguyen


We need your help spreading the word about the Drawing Board!


We will reward you with one month’s rent if your referral signs up!


The Drawing Board
Saturday, April 10th
2-5 pm

Swing by TDB for some fresh, Cali-Mex inspired food by iAy Caramba! with a Crack Brisket BBQ twist. Also new to the line is Tina Trang Nguyen’s infamous Banh bot lot, a beloved Vietnamese dish. Dessert will be covered by Speckle Box who is introducing their brand new pandan muffins. These aren’t just your traditional cookies. Their Asian-inspired flavors will leave you wanting to be more adventurous!

North Texas Food Bank

You’ll be eating well and doing good!
10% of proceeds go to The North Texas Food Bank. Every dollar donated to NTFB provides access to three healthy meals for hungry North Texans, and 95% of every dollar goes directly to hunger relief programs. Food donations via Amazon wishlist or monetary donations are accepted. If you’d rather volunteer, simply click on become a volunteer!

March & April Birthdays

Cam Prassl- 3/4
Lori Turnham-3/6
Bob Jablonsky- 3/22
Mari Kelly- 4/3
MaryGrace Anasco- 4/3
Blake Nash- 4/6
Tim Tieu- 4/10
Ly Mai- 4/10
Thomas Goll- 4/13
Alyssa Phu- 4/15
Monica Ledesma- 4/26
Haseeb Ahmed-4/27

Happy Birthday, Members!!

Any questions, comments or inquiries please email us at [email protected]

~ TDB Staff

TDB News – February 2021

Member Spotlight

Gracie Morrow

Please tell us about yourself:  I have lived in Texas for almost 15 years. My passion is helping hardworking people build wealth by utilizing different mortgage planning and strategies. I have been happily married for 9 years, we love to travel and experience different parts of the country and the world. We might be foodies, not sure if we qualified for the cool name, we definitely love trying new restaurants everywhere we go I was in Accounting and Finance for a few years, worked for some of the Fortune 500 companies. About 10 years ago, I started my mortgage career. Mortgage Planning is most direct way to help individuals build wealth. it’s a very personal and fulfilling job.  

Brief overview of your line of work: We offer Residential Mortgage Service including Purchase, Refinance, Construction Loans. Most of our clients are in the DFW area, we are also licensed in other states. We work with First Time Homebuyers, Vacation Homeowners, Real Estate Investors, Realtors and Builders.  We’d love to connect with more Realtors, Builders, Financial Advisors, CPAs and Family Law Attorneys.

Why The Drawing Board? The Drawing Board offers everything we’re looking for when we first visited the facility. It gives a sense of community. The leadership at The Drawing Board makes us feel like we’re a part of their family, it’s not the typical business transaction, they show how much they care about their members and want to be there to support in any way they can!

A quote that you like or live by: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” 
We’d love to offer all TDB members a Complimentary Certified Mortgage Panning. I’m a Certified Mortgage Planner, there’re less than 10 Certified Mortgage Planners in the DFW area. Whether you’re curious if you’re in the position to purchase a home, or if you want someone to look at your current mortgage to see if there’s any opportunities to save on interest rate or monthly payment, we’d happy to provide our professional opinion. If we decide to work together, all TDB members will receive $250 lender credit at their closing.

Office Line: 214-296-2284
Direct Line: 972-757-2132
eFax:  469 327-4330

Google Reviews – Facebook Reviews – Client Survey


2/11/21 – The IQ Brew- Jennifer Sanders, North Texas Innovation Alliance
Thursday, February 11th @ 9:00 am

2/12/21- Richardson/Plano Networkers
Friday, February 12th @ 11:30am

2/17/21- Growth & Mobility
Wednesday, February 17th @ 10:00 am

2/24/21- Richardson Business Network 
Wednesday, February 24th @ 7:15 am

2/18/21- Allen/McKinney Netweavers
Thursday, February 18th @11:30am

2/25/21- Frisco’s Entrepreneurs Ideas & Success
Thursday, February 25th @ 6:30pm 


Through our Art Work Exchange Program we are able to support local artists.  We provide a place for artists to market and display their work. Art shows, live paintings and classes will be held in the near future.
If you see anything that you like here,  simply click on the images!


Happy Lunar New Year !!
February 12th, 2021
Saturday, February 13th 
11 am-3 pm Brunch
2pm-6pm Pop-Up Vendors
3 pm-3:30 pm Rising Phoenix Lion Dance
4 pm-12 am Regular Restaurant Hours


The podcast room is complete! Members get 1 free hour/month beginning March 2021. Hourly rates are $35 for members and $40 for non-members.


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We will reward you with one month’s rent if your referral signs up!


If you would like to participate in our food pop-up program, please let us know! Membership sign-up is $150. Inquire at [email protected] for more info. 


Kid-Friendly Snacks
Cheez-it crackers, pudding cups, fruit bars, apple sauce, snack size chips, granola bars, raisins. Please bring your donations to Ly!


Veronica Salazar- 2/3
Nick Barber- 2/3
Trenton Roberts- 2/4
Debra Elliot- 2/16
Troy Pak- 2/18
Thomas Elliot- 2/20
Vinesha Frey- 2/25
Ly Mai- 2/25

Happy Birthday!!

Any questions, comments or inquiries please email us at [email protected]

~ TDB Staff