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How To Take Care of Yourself While Running a Business

Blog Posts 03 Aug 2021

By Gloria Martinez at WomenLed.org

The COVID-19 era has ushered in a wave of innovation and new possibilities, but it has also increased tension and uneasiness for many people, including entrepreneurs. If you are starting a new business or trying to expand an existing one, you can take steps to achieve your goals while also protecting yourself from stress, anxiety and burnout. Here’s some advice from The Drawing Board:

Take Breaks From Working

As an entrepreneur, you may feel pressured and overwhelmed from time to time. When your workload seems daunting, or you have a deadline that requires intense focus, taking a break can help. By giving your brain five minutes to rest and refuel, the mental clarity you gain can boost your performance and productivity.

Also, schedule time to exercise or incorporate movement into your day. If you only have a few minutes, go for a short walk, do a brief yoga flow or squeeze in a few pushups. For best results, aim for a weekly minimum of at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity.

Watch What You Eat

The food you consume has a profound impact on how you feel. The World Health Organization recommends eating plenty of vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts and whole grains, as well as limiting your intake of sugar, salt and unhealthy fats. By providing your body with optimal fuel, you reap a myriad of physical and mental health benefits.

Pamper Yourself

Taking time to pamper yourself can reduce your stress level and help you feel valued. It can also provide you with the rest and refueling you need to tackle future work demands.

If a full day at the spa seems too expensive or time-consuming, activities you can do at home may provide similar benefits:

·        Create a peaceful atmosphere with music, candles or soft lighting.

·        Diffuse stress-relieving essential oils.

·        Try out the latest skincare product.

·        Infuse your bath water with bath bombs, salts, oils or other luxurious elixirs.

Get Help From Freelancers

Running a business can make you feel like you are being pulled in too many different directions. Thanks to a growing number of contract workers, it’s never been easier to find help. You can hire freelancers to assist you during your busy season or to take care of specialized tasks you don’t have time or expertise to handle yourself. Because there is no long-term commitment, it’s a safe and cost-effective way to reduce your workload.

Use a Payroll Service

Whether you have employees or contractors, an online payroll for startup companies can reduce your administrative burden and resulting stress. There are payroll systems to fit the needs of any company with a range of services to choose from:

·        Filing tax forms

·        Tracking hours

·        Classifying workers

·        Making necessary deductions

·        Scheduling automatic direct deposits

·        Preventing tax penalties

Relying on an online payroll service not only lightens your workload but also provides peace of mind because an automated system reduces the risks of tax errors and paycheck complications.

Utilize a Virtual Assistant

Serving as your own receptionist is not the best use of your time. Interruptions from phone calls break your focus, reduce your productivity and cause stress. Virtual assistants can answer calls, take messages and schedule appointments. You can take a break and know your customers are still receiving the service they demand.

If you are launching or growing a company, taking care of yourself has never been more critical. Invest in self-care and utilize online resources to reduce work pressures and achieve your goals.